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Static Base Cherry Pickers Explained

Niftylift DeckRiders are static base cherry pickers that sit on a steel ‘sled’ that has lifting points to allow it to be craned into position quickly and easily. Developed specifically to help compliance with ‘Working at Height’ regulations in the steel erection industry, Nifty static base cherry pickers have a base frame that incorporates a variable width facility to cater for differing pitches of profiled steelwork.


Their low weight allows them to be used at a much earlier stage of construction than a standard self propelled cherry pickers and by working off the prepared steelwork prior to laying the concrete slab, upper floor steel assembly can continue whilst lower levels are freed for rebar work, casting and light traffic. Reliance on waiting for the slab floor to achieve sufficient load-bearing strength is removed by Nifty static base cherry pickers, making steel erection swifter and more efficient.

A 1.80m wide cage provides more room for materials and tools and a 150° fly-boom with 100° cage rotation helps to increase accuracy when positioning.


Static Base Cherry Pickers Power Options

Power options available on Nifty static base cherry pickers include battery, mains, diesel, ‘Bi-Energy’ (e.g. battery & diesel) – combining the benefits of two power sources on the same machine and Hybrid, our most efficient, economical and environmentally conscious power source.*


More Static Base Cherry Pickers Information

For more information regarding our static base cherry pickers or any other Nifty cherry pickers, please contact Niftylift today.


* Not available on all models, check specification sheets for details of exact features.

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