HR12N | 12.2m Self Propelled

Working height

12.2m (40ft)

Working outreach

6.1m (20ft)

Telescopic Upper Boom

Greater accuracy when
positioning platform

1.5m Chassis Width

Improved narrow aisle access

Weight Under 3.5 Tonnes

Low cost transportation

Fully Proportional
Hydraulic Controls

Simple, reliable &
easy to maintain

Bi-Energy Available

Optimising Utilisation

The Height Rider 12 Narrow (HR12N) self propelled boom lift is one of the most versatile and reliable machines in its class.

It is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the lightest, most compact base possible. A telescopic upper boom gives the HR12N self propelled boom lift improved accuracy when positioning the platform and superb manoeuvrability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

With a 1.50m (4ft 11in) narrow chassis, the HR12N self propelled boom liftis ideal for working in factories, warehouses or anywhere that space is restricted.

Its Bi-Energy option allows the HR12N self propelled boom lift to work for extended periods inside and outside, making it the perfect all-rounder.

For more information regarding the HR12N or any other self propelled boom lift, including the HR12 4×4 and HR15N, please contact us.

Working Height (A)

12.2m (40ft)

Working Outreach (C)

6.1m (20ft)

Platform Height (B)

10.2m (33ft 6in)

Machine Height (D)

1.9m (6ft 3in)

Machine Length (J)

4.1m (13ft 5in)

Travel Speed

3.4kph (2.1mph)

Machine Width (F)

1.5m (4ft 11in)

Turning Radius

4.2m (13ft 9in)


25% (14°)

Cage Size

1.1m x 0.65m
(3ft 7in x 2ft 2in)

Min Weight

3,435kg (7,575lbs)

Safe Working Load

200kg (440lbs)

Power Options

Battery only
Petrol, Diesel or LPG only
Bi-Energy (Engine & Battery)

Nifty Elevated Work Platforms HR12N
Nifty HR12N
Nifty HR12N
Niftylift HR12N
Niftylift HR12N