HeightRider 12 low-weight arrives in Australia

HeightRider 12 low-weight arrives in Australia

HR12L on Trailer with Vehicle

The Nifty team have been busy delivering the new HR12L to their new homes.

The HeightRider 12 Low-Weight (HR12L) electric self-propelled cherry picker from Nifty, is already becoming a popular option in Australia. Since taking delivery of the first HR 12 metre low-weight electric the team have been busy delivering them all over the country.

The super-adaptable machine can be transported on a trailer so there is no surprise it is proving popular! Here are some of its other features:

  • A Telescopic Upper Boom for excellent accuracy when positioning the platform.
  • Proportional Multi-Function Control for fast and precise operation.
  • A GVW of only 2,540kg making transportation cheap and easy.
  • Multi-award winning operator protection with ToughCage with SiOPS®.
  • An efficient Battery Power System which maximises battery output to do more with each charge.
  • Maintenance-Free Batteries reduce maintenance downtime.

Weighing just 2,540kg (a 2,470kg Lithium battery option is available), the HR12L can be transported on a trailer (rather than a truck), offering fantastic savings for site-to-site transportation. This smaller transportation option also reduces potential emissions during delivery. The HR12L has a super-efficient battery power system with an all-electric drive. This allows the batteries to work for twice as long, so more work can be completed on a charge and running costs reduced. This means the machine can also be used indoors making it very adaptable.

A telescopic upper boom gives the HR12L improved accuracy when positioning the platform. Superb chassis manoeuvrability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The HR12L also incorporates Niftylift’s ToughCage and multi-award-winning SiOPS® safety system. The impact-resistant Composite/Aluminium base and larger cross-section steel rails of the ToughCage give additional strength and durability. SiOPS® provides additional operator protection, eliminating sustained involuntary operation by instantly stopping machine movement if the operator is pushed onto the control console.

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