Artist uses Asset’s HR21 to create Canberra mural

Artist uses Asset’s HR21 to create Canberra mural

Nifty HR21 canberra mural street theatre

Asset Construction Hire raises Canberra artist

It is not every day that we get sent such an interesting story about a Niftylift at work! A big thank you to Asset Hire in Canberra for sharing this story with us.

Their HR21 really got to work this week helping Luke Cornish and helper Dan Maginnity (Byrd) create an amazing mural on the outside walls of Canberra’s Street Theatre in the West cultural precinct of the city. It has taken 4 weeks to prepare the wall, then spray-paint it, using a variety of techniques. The hand-cut acetate stencils can be up to 85 layers deep. It is quite an undertaking!

The red brick building was looking rather boring until the artist, working under the name ELK was commissioned to design a mural on the subject  ‘Why theatre?’ to brighten the precinct.

Find more about ELK here.

Watch it grow

Craig Alexander and Creswick Collective are visually documenting Together Alone. With a mixture of artist, peer and public interviews, artistic responses and process documentation, the captured footage will form an online narrative. The footage of how the mural progresses over 16 days can be seen at 


The theatre has been dark during lockdown and the recent period of pandemic has inspired the work. The germ of the idea for the mural grew when artistic director, Caroline Stacey, found herself alone in The Street. She says the emptiness, loss and grief that was felt by performers in the theatre and the wider community were the reasons for the mural’s birth.

“The tumbleweed was rolling down University Avenue. It was a desert, we felt like a street art project would be something that could speak to anybody. We did want something of scale and magnitude, that also that could be experienced in different ways. So, depending on how you approach the theatre, you’ll see quite different things.”

The mural is funded after The Street was named the winner of the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award for their adaption to ‘the new normal’ during COVID and the theatre received a grant. It was also made possible by City Renewal Canberra

We’re in it together

Hamlet was the inspiration behind the design which features a figure wearing a surgical mask holding a skull showing life as both a tragedy and comedy. The skull is in imitation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet as the work speaks to the theatre’s experience during the pandemic.

Silently and simple with Asset Hire’s HR21

The mural would not have happened without Asset’s HR21 which the artist certainly got to grips with to help him move around the walls creating his masterpiece. The artists are working on 175 square metres of wall so need to be able to travel about a large area.

Additional to the HeightRider 21 Hybrid, Asset has a smaller HR 17 Hybrid for hire. They also have the biggest Nifty – the HR28 Hybrid and a self-drive Nifty SD210 available to hire.

All machines from Asset Construction Hire can be hired from their base at 80-B Collie Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609 (Behind Domayne). Call them on 1300 361 383